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Moen, the giant North American plumbing fixtures manufacturer, needed graphic symbols to communicate hot and cold around the world. The icons we came up with were easily understood worldwide: Snowflake for cold, and a sun for hot. And for warm, we put the two together. Today these icons are used on Moen fixtures around the world.

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Travel Center

The environment for Travel Centers of America prototype was created in collaboration with architects, industrial designers and graphic designers. Our contribution to the project was creating a complete 3-d scale model of the structure and surroundings, plus designing the gas pumps, lighting and store displays. This result was nothing less than the "travel center of the future," the opening of which earned national media attention, including features in the New York Times, USA Today, the ABC Evening News, plus numerous trade publications. The TA chain has grown this retail model coast to coast with hundreds of facilities.

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Technologically advanced and visually stunning, this Thermador range is a chef’s dream come true. Features include extra-large capacity ovens, sealed brass burners with an extra low setting, a commercial-style temperature gauge, and a patented convection system that provides superior baking and 25% time savings.

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As the world’s pre-eminent technology company, Microsoft demands design and service of the highest quality. We’re proud to have created templates, emails and icons for this international giant.

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We speak design.

New products. Brands. Experiences. Whatever your needs are, Optic Lingo has the talent and resources to bring your strategy to life, with flair and distinction. We pride ourselves on creating work that’s not just visually appealing, but also appropriate to your company, product, strategy and target audience.